Droopy Eyelids

At one point my upper eyelids were so droopy that they rested on my lashes.  I found this distressing to say the least!

Before I knew what I know now I headed straight for YouTube to try and find some eye exercises.  Which I performed religiously....to no avail.  Nothing changed and I became convinced that facial exercises didn't work and were a right rip off!

My eyelids were so bad that I began Googling 'droopy eyelids' intending to research eye surgery.  Fortunately I came across information regarding facial anatomy - how the muscles of the face are joined to bone or another muscle one end and to facial skin the other.  This allows us to make facial expressions.

I learned that as we tone muscles, they become shorter - thus creating lift.  Toned muscles are also denser - imagine a long, puffy marshmallow becoming a bouncy cheese string and you get the picture.

The penny dropped and I realised that exercising my eyelids was only part of the solution.  I also had to exercise my forehead and scalp.  As these muscles contracted, they would lift my eyelids.

And so they did!

It was quite a day when I put eyeshadow on my upper eyelids and could actually see it.  I was absolutely thrilled:)

I am now certified to teach two facial exercise programmes which work all the 57 muscles of the face and neck.  Working one or two muscles in isolation will not make you look younger.  You have to work them all.  

Fortunately, this only takes 15 minutes and is a hell of a lot cheaper than surgery.

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Lots of love

Sue xx